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Clinical Services

Skilled Nursing Services

Through the tireless efforts of our Licensed Nurses and Nurse Aides, Camellia Gardens provides 24-hour Skilled Nursing services based on industry standards for restorative care and the unique comprehensive care plans developed for each Resident of the facility.

Skilled Nursing provided by Camellia Gardens includes access to the following and more:

  • Medical services coordinated and continually improved by our Medical Director.

  • Daily oversight by our Director of Nursing with 20+ years of experience in Skilled Nursing care.

  • IV Therapy - Would Care - Pain Management - Dementia Care - Enteral Feeding - Catheter Care - Mental Health Services  -  Nutrition & Hydration Programs - Offsite Dialysis - Lab Testing & X-Rays - Hospice Services - and more!

Skilled Nursing Services
Sub-Acute Care

Sub-Acute Care

Residents with some level of respiratory failure are faced with many difficulties in addition to their other complex medical issues. 

Sub-Acute Residents receive 24/7 monitoring from our Licensed Nurses and Respiratory Therapists. This includes daily oversight by our Director of Nursing who has 20+ years of Sub-Acute care experience.

Camellia Gardens begins by conducting a careful initial assessment of the Resident's respiratory health before establishing a ventilator care program. Our staff is proactive in the prevention of common complications, such as infection. Resident progress is routinely evaluated by our Interdisciplinary Team to ensure our Residents are receiving the best and most appropriate care.

Sub-Acute Care


Camellia Gardens is dedicated to helping our Residents achieve or maintain the highest possible level of well-being based on their circumstances. While recovery can be stressful and difficult, our personalized plans of care create a unique treatment schedule that provides our Residents with peace of mind and a goal-oriented routine.

Our team of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists use the latest treatment methods in our on-site Therapy space, or at a Resident's bedside when necessary. 

Along with providing their specific treatment modalities, our Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists also provide education to Residents and Resident Families to ensure the highest possible outcomes following treatment.

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