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Given the greater transmissibility of the Omicron variant, the risk of outbreaks in long-term care settings is of particular concern given the medical vulnerability of residents in such settings. Furthermore, based on the experience from prior COVID-19 surge periods during which high morbidity and mortality was experienced by residents and staff within such long-term care settings, the impact of such facility outbreaks may be devastating. Based on the emergence of Omicron, additional statewide facility-directed measures are necessary to ensure we protect the particularly vulnerable populations in long-term care settings. Accordingly, amendments to the original State Public Health Officer Order of August 26, 2021, to make boosters mandatory and to require additional testing of visitors eligible for boosters who are not yet boosted, are necessary at this critical time.

Please see the  Visitation Fact Sheet which was provided by California Department of Public Health by clicking HERE



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